Libra / Scorpio Cusp

First of all, what is a cusp?
Answer: It is the first 5 degrees (approx 5 days before and 5 days after) when the new Sun Sign is coming into being and the old one is ending. The cusps, or blending of the signs, are more or less occupying the same time, (or space if you prefer). The cusp strength is greatest at the midpoint (or overlapping) of this merging of the signs and the effects gradually diminish toward the end of this period, at the waning of the former sign.

You may find that some of your personality quirks or strengths are directly related to the sign that has just past or is just beginning. The lesser qualities of one sign can be offset by the mitigating aspect of the other that bears on the same personality flaw or pending events, (or vice versa!). When you are born on a Cusp it is easier to adjust yourself if you realize there are more influences at work in your life than just a single Zodiac sign. This could be some of the trouble you may have had adjusting to life and events.

Being born on the Cusp makes you a unique personality, with your ruling signs and influences bringing anomalies into your personality and emotions, so when reading the GENERALIZED Zodiac explanations found in books, or newspapers ALWAYS read the reference for BOTH signs and you will see what I mean.
For instance: An Aries/Pisces cusp may leave you confused many times in your life when the inner spirit is gung-ho to do a thing but that tingling bit of caution creeps in to make you unsure. That is the, let's get moving Aries being slowed down by the ever careful Pisces!


Venus Rules the Sign of LIBRA
• On the downside: Oversensitive, Snobbishness, Cold, Vain, Demanding.
• Your good qualities include: Affectionate, Likeable, Magnetic, Socially Correct.
• Learning to temper your good qualities with a fair amount of tolerance may be your lifes work.

Your symbol is the Scales.
The symbol of perfect balance.

CARDINAL--Seventh sign of the Zodiac--AIR SIGN
September 24 to October 23
When you are expressing the positive qualities in your life you are mainly concerned with art and creativity and maintaining a good set of values that you use as you try to relate to those around you in peace and justice. The sun being in its fall within your sign means that most of your actions are dictated by others but in order to be balanced you must learn to offset your obliging nature with an iron clad will that you will have to work hard at acquiring so that you will learn to make hard and fast decisions and not be swayed from them when push comes to shove.
Your sign is the only one where your symbol is an object and not a human being or an animal. This shows that you may be living your life as an immaculate concept rather than as a living, breathing, fallible, creature. You must allow yourself to make mistakes (and take full responsibility for them) just like the rest of the world; in this way, balancing your life, you will find your greatest happiness. After you have established that you have a good set of values you can rely on your natural charm to keep your romantic relationships on an even keel. Your sense of harmony attracts many relationships, personal one on one or in business, either way you must depend on your inner sense to balance these and create harmony in your life and surroundings. Libra is the sign of the peacemaker and a cardinal sign which means that you are supposed to be an initiator of social activities, not simply a response to them. Being the peacemaker you can solve conflicts and disagreements using your art of dealing with others rather than ignoring the problems that have shown themselves to you.
You must guard against letting the negative steal into your life which will definitely make you very unhappy. You could become superficial and lazy, self-indulgent and greedy, or demanding and underhanded. You have the tendency to become vain and class conscious and if you are not diligent in rooting these tendencies out early in life you could become a complaining, easily upset person who thinks he or she knows it all thus driving away the very people who are important to your happiness. You have the potential to be a wonderful, likable, and kind human being. Endeavor to live up to it.

Introspective Libra
Who puts you off with promise gay,
and keeps you waiting half a day?
Who compromises all the way?
Sweet, Libra!

Your color is SHADES OF BLUE

Your metal the beautiful COPPER from our earth.

Some Famous People Born in Libra
singer: Chubby Checker
singer/songwriter: John Lennon
Actor: Jeff Goldblume
Pope: Pope John Paul 1

As explained above, see also Scorpio

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