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David Perry in New York City

A Brief Bio
David was born in Indiana. His dad was a professional touring musician, and his mother was an award winning accordionist, and music teacher. During David's first two years of life, he was raised on the road during his father’s tour, living mainly in hotel rooms, and their station wagon. His mother immediately started teaching him classical accordion. David competed and won in his first competition at the age of 4. At 5 years old he was already getting local press. (early press photo) At 9 years of age he won the title of ‘Junior Virtuoso’ playing a ten page classical piece entitled, “Variations on a Ukrainian Theme’, thus making him the youngest in the state-wide accordion community to ever achieve this high honor category. (Hear David at age 11 playing ‘Tsgani’) David had earned several trophies, (photo 12 years old) but he disliked the instrument over all.

Rock n Roll!
At age fourteen David discovered Jerry Lee Lewis for the first time and was inspired to teach himself rock piano, in his style. Shortly there after he discovered ‘the Beatles’, and it changed his view on music forever.

The Theater Calls…
Although he enjoyed music, he felt that he wanted to explore the world of acting in live theater. David liked the fact that he could be someone new every night on stage, and express himself at a whole different level. He went to Columbia College in Chicago, as a theater major. He began to study “the Method” used by such greats as Marlon Brando, and Al Pacino. After completing dozens of student films and several theatrical performances, David still was not feeling as if he was achieving the artistic release that he desired. After landing a role at the Steppenwolf Theater, he began to discover the songwriter within himself. Shortly there after, he starting to become dissatisfied with the theater community and decided to go back to his original roots in music.

Let’s get Serious!
By this point, David had finished writing enough material to assemble an album. He threw together a rough 2 track recording of his songs. He sold over one hundred tapes in a short period of time, and decided that he needed to put together his own band to further showcase his material. It was around that time that a local band picked him up as a keyboardist, and David got his first taste of band life. The band quickly broke up, but David had only just begun!

He assembled a band, recorded a CD, and began showing to the public. The forst solo band David assembled had creative differences, and it didn’t work out. He decided that he would forget everything he knew, and start off fresh again, giving his music a brand new start. He wrote the concept album ‘Plasticine Man’, and started to assemble a band to back him with it. This springs the life of the Purple Tree, which is what lead you to this page. Wow, still reading this stuff? You'll find this far more interesting.



David Perry in Times Square



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